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Does ihop care if you order off the kids menu?

4 answers · Other - US Dining Out · 2 days ago
I loooove ihop breakfasts, but i'm trying to be healthier by working out and watching what i eat. Most of the breakfast is very high in calories, whereas kids menu breakfast is all under 600. I'm going with my mom and my aunt so there's full priced meals on the bill and they tip very well. Do servers... show more

In regards to right to refuse service... Just wondering if I was wrong for what I did or said. I am a server and they have these young guys who come in every night and act like jackasses to try to get a ride out of us servers well I told them not tonight and refused to serve them if they were going to act like... show more

What is your favorite restaurant in Las Vegas?

6 answers · Las Vegas · 1 week ago
Best answer: Oyster Bar at Harrahs

If you had a restaurant, would you serve a Trump supporter!?

28 answers · Other - US Dining Out · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: If I owned a restaurant, it would be posted on the door that NO political talk is allowed. I don't give a **** who you like but I don't want to hear it. I operate a restaurant, not CNN

What do you expect from a high-end signature restaurant?

7 answers · New York City · 2 weeks ago

How long should I wait for my refund from Ihop?

5 answers · Other - US Dining Out · 2 weeks ago
I went to Ihop yesterday and the waitress messed up and I ended up paying for two different checks. She said I would be refunded but how long should I wait before I go back to find out what's going on? They haven't taken my tip either. Is it even possible to get my money back? I still have all the receipts... show more

If you were in China, or Korea, would you eat a fetus?

7 answers · Los Angeles · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: nope

I want to try it. My family and i always go to this hotel and like a yeat ago i found out they have one near me. So i was thinking maybe i should just walk in there and get free breakfast.

Best answer: You have a seriously rose-tinted view of life in Jamaica. Jamaica has a lot of violent crime and most of the population is scratching a living.

What is a nice place to eat?

7 answers · Other - US Dining Out · 1 month ago
Best answer: Olive Garden is nicer.

Why is Trump-a-dump addicted to junk food?

7 answers · Washington, D.C. · 1 month ago

Where can I buy a burger in U.S.A?

7 answers · Las Vegas · 1 month ago
Best answer: There is a fast-food restaurant (I kid you not) called "Burgertown USA".

Best answer: Anything in Florida is too damn high.

Why do US restruants ask how you want your burger cooked?

9 answers · Other - US Dining Out · 2 months ago
Every time I visit the US, the server will ask how I want my burger cooked. Is it not a major health risk to eat ground beef that is not cooked throughout? Is rare hamburgers the norm for locals in the US without getting ill?

Best answer: generally there are multiple distributors for franchises to use so there's a chance that a Chili's store in California uses different beef than a Chili's in Colorado. Most restaurants like Chili's use food service companies like US Foods or Sysco Foods. it ultimately comes down to how the... show more

Where can I get a good elk burger?

8 answers · Other - US Dining Out · 2 months ago
Best answer: At the Appaloosa Grill in Denver