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Best answer: Plan of the god you speak of is to make sure most of humanity ends up in eternal hell.

Do African Americans realize they have very little culture?

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Best answer: My best friend caught her husband wearing women's clothing and divorced him. Some people don't get over this and is a deal breaker. You should have been honest with her from the beginning that you like to wear women's clothing.

Best answer: "Remember, you wanted this"

10 Points!?

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Which country is safer Australia or Iraq?

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What's the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you at work?

217 answers · Thiruvananthapuram · 10 months ago
Work can often be boring, stressful, or uneventful. What is the most exciting day you've ever had at work?

What is free education? Does CSK Free Education exists in india?

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Best answer: Try grinding them and set up an IV

Best answer: The big Maharaja (made with Chicken)

How should I store ghee?

14 answers · Mumbai · 2 years ago
In the fridge or in the cupboard (away from light)? Will it go bad if not in fridge? Will I get food poisoning?

Which is the best restaurant in Andheri West?

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Steve Smith says "Australia are here to win the T20 WC.