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All this time I've been referring train tracks to rail when they could be 2 completely different things and that I have made myself look like an idiot to a lot of people in the past. For example, I say a road bridge over the rails instead of train tracks. .

Best answer: It's the same with the postal service, Dept of motor vehicles, and every other Government run operation. If they were a private business, and operated in the same manner, they would have been bankrupt long ago.

How to become a train engineer?

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Best answer: You don't NEED a college degree to become a railroad engineer. If that is your lifetime goal, don't waste your time and money on college. IF you meet the qualifications, you can hire on as a Train Crewman at 18 years old, with just a high school diploma. I suggest you do some research on your own. ... show more

So let me build you a scenario... A very well-off individual has plenty of money, (30,000,000+) wants to own a steam locomotive. He finds one to buy and buys it. He builds a garage on his own property, but, how will he get it there? Does Amtrak allow for private connections to the grid?

Is there an Amtrak in Lubbock tx?

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Best answer: There is a local restaurant that was originally run out of a converted boxcar. They kept getting more boxcars (presumably free) until they had enough for a large dining establishment, although the box cars are only for the dining area. I was wondering how they got so many boxcars. The scrap value on those things is... show more

People always say a tornado sounds like a freight train. From what I’ve noticed freight trains are longer, bulkier, and slower moving than the Amtrak so they probably would be louder. In the movie The Polar Express the train was a passenger train but I thought it sounded more like a freight train (maybe it was... show more

How late does an Amtrak tend to run?

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I know it tends to run late, and I know why. These things do not answer my question. My friend is taking a trip that is a little more time sensitive. He is taking a trip from Missouri to Wyoming, and he is meant to meet me on a Friday to get this new apartment. If he is not there before the office closes, we have... show more

Does anyone know the highest legal speed in which Sydney trains are allowed to travel at (max legal speed, not max speed the train is capable of travelling at.) I can t seem to find this information on the internet anywhere. For example: the highest road speed for cars is 110km/h overall, what is the equivalent... show more

I feel like just lights aren't enough because some people might still think they can outrun the train, which they almost certainly can't. Gates are stronger protection and make it clearer to motorists that they can't beat the train.

Best answer: Yes, very quickly. You will feel nothing as you will die immediately.

Best answer: A. Freight trains - need to be loaded and unloaded. If fewer people work on Sundays, then they might have less freight to haul. B. Passenger trains - many people take Sundays off. Fewer passengers might mean fewer trains in the schedule.

I live about 18 miles away from the Strasburg railroad. That is the closest railroad to me. All day, I hear a train's horn. The Strasburg railroad blows the train's horn twice each time it goes out... that's what I hear. 2 long train blows at a time every 20-30 minutes the same way the Strasburg... show more

Do railroad have traffic si gnals?

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World fastest rail network?

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Best answer: In Japan, I rode the Hikari Shinkansen from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. It was a speedy 1 hour 45 minutes in quiet, smooth comfort. Hikari is the 2nd fastest shinkansen (Nozomi is the fastest) and it reaches 285 km/h on the straight and 275 km/h on curves. It was the N700A series. (A is for advanced) When the shinkansen I... show more

Best answer: British locos did not have bells as they relied upon the whistle and the ordinary operating noise to give warning of their approach. British tracks are enclosed and there was very little street running. US locos only started using electric headlights after electric lighting became practical. In Britain, by that... show more