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Best answer: Since there is Federal Funding involved, they can pay it back and it can be used to finish the wall.

Do train drivers ever get lost?

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I assume the train just follows the path set out by the signals and points and the driver is just sitting and relaxing with his thoughts...but what if they get it wrong? If human error causes the train to go the wrong way what happens? Does the driver think oops I should have turned left back there I hope nobody... show more

Does Amtrak trains go to Florida?

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Best answer: Several Amtrak train routes go to Florida. Including the Auto Train, which only runs between Lorton, VA and Sanford, FL, one train each way, every day.

Best answer: It's not often that we can see a machine up close that is so powerful as a locomotive pulling a long string of cars.

How do I trade coal for steam?

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Best answer: Look for someone with some steam that wants to trade that steam for coal and make a deal.

What do you call the stations?

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Best answer: The stations that are passed by express trains would be called 'local' stations

Best answer: The distance between Maastricht and Groningen is around the same as a typical round trip daily commute for a tech worker in Palo Alto who lives in the Central Valley (because he can't afford to live closer to his job). So while Greyhound does cover the entire nation it's a much bigger undertaking than... show more

Best answer: Metal shrinks and warps under extreme cold. Cause fractures in the metal as well as breaking the bolts that keep them in place. Fire heats up the metal to prevent this as well as allows workers to make repairs. Not doing this can lead to trains derailment.

Best answer: The Trans-Siberian Railway. With a length of 9,289 kilometres (5,772 miles), it is the longest railway line in the world.

Best answer: Shift work does that to people. You probably relate looking depressed with scruffiness.

I live near the Canadian Pacific line that runs from Milwaukee all the way to La Crosse, WI and beyond. As far as I’m aware, that line is owned strictly by CP and no trackage rights have been granted to other companies, as most of the major companies (UP, CN and BNSF) have tracks in surrounding areas near Milwaukee... show more

Best answer: It's just due to the way the train is made up. Sometimes extra engines are added at the front, sometimes in the middle, and sometimes at the rear. Quite often the middle engine was at the head of another smaller train which has now been coupled to the rear of another to form what you now see, and they... show more

Best answer: Locomotive Engineers working for smaller companies do not go out over the road very much. Most of the smaller companies serve industrial plants, and have big switching yards. This kind of work has limited space and number of jobs for handling RR cars. Therefore, staffing is more predictable. Work is more... show more

Best answer: In the U.K. many trains used on short services or secondary lines only have Second Class which we call Standard Class. First Class is mainly for longer Inter City Services. You get more comfortable seats, free refreshments, tea and coffee and on London and North Eastern Railway and Virgin Trains West Coast, a... show more