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I went to Chick-Fil-A and the girl running the cash register kept calling me sweetie. Was she just being nice or did she think I was cute or something?

Best answer: No if she is working there as a second job, but yes if that's her only job.

KFC OR Popeye's?

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Best answer: KFC because no Popeye's where I live.

Working in KFC?

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Best answer: You get paid for working there, and you get an employee discount on their food.

I know North Korea isnt very popular but there must be at least one Mcdonalds there. I just wonder if Kim jong un has ever visited it.

Best answer: imitation crab meat with cocktail sauce and lemon. can eat that forever.

Why is mcdonalds' menu so stupid?

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Yesterday i went to mcdonalds by myself for the first time. I ordered a cheeseburger but when they gave me my order i didn't get fries and soda like the other customers did. I told the person at the desk that i didn't get my fries and soda. He asked if i meant to get a menu. I said "no" because... show more

Not one of you's are as good looking as I am. Don't have the charm the wit the class that I exude.

Best answer: Soft taco meat & cheese only

Best answer: "Trustworthy Nuggets?" how is that even a flavor? Did you just take random feel good adjectives?

Best answer: Dip 'em into sauce and eat. There's no fancy way to eat at McD's, at least that I know of.

Best answer: Of the existing ones, I would go with Jack in the Box, they serve breakfast all day and they also serve tacos ( their tacos are not as good as what you get from Taco Bell, but they are a burger fast food chain, and so it's not reasonable to expect their tacos to be as good as what you get from a Mexican... show more

I’ve noticed that whenever I eat McDonald’s, half an hour later I poop. Does the food even go through my system? Is it because it has little nutritional value?

Best answer: I think straight women and gay guys can...but I see your point. Some people are just aromantic and don't care about that kind of stuff. I think we as a species have evolutionary drives that cause us to seek out a mate or partner; but, that's not something that has to be innate in all individuals. Some... show more

I really want to work at a Wal-Mart or a Dollar Tree because I can't deal with nasty customers much longer I will end up putting someone on a stretcher but if I leave then they have no one to do fries they already have enough trouble when I'm off or at school basically holding me hostage they refuse to... show more

I’m tired of these weirdos asking me for my name everytime I’m in the drive thru. I’m not your friend. I don’t want to be your friend. I just want my food and that’s it. McDonald’s doesn’t ask me for my name, Wendy’s doesn’t ask me for my name, Burger King doesn’t ask me for my name, TACO BELL DOESNT ASK ME FOR MY... show more

I have to attend a pot luck but sont have access to a kitchen right now. Where can I get a lot of one item for fairly cheap? Maybe 20 servings.

Choose one?

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Is it safer health and cleaniness wise to eat at a fast food restaurant like McDonald's or a nice restaurant like Ruby Tuesday?

Health Code question? (Restaurant)?

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Well I’m 16 years old and have my first job at Dunkin Donuts. We have regularly scheduled hours we work weekly. One of my days is Sunday nights 5pm-10pm. If we can’t make the shift, we have to find our own coverage no matter what. Yesterday, I woke up very sick. My temperature was 102 degrees and I was coughing... show more