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I'm in my mid-twenties and have experienced this throughout my schooling, with days like "the day of silence", school sponsored pro-homosexuality lectures, and school-wide walkouts to Scott Walker getting rid of collective bargaining when I was in high school being applauded and encouraged by the... show more

Qdoba or Chipotle

I can't even stomach it anymore. I used to be able to when I was younger but now I can't even eat anything they make except chicken nuggets or their chicken products.

So I order strawberry sundae in the drive thru. The girl gives me chocolate instead. So I tell her that she got my order wrong and that I ordered strawberry. She says I ordered chocolate and refuses to change it. I tell her she's a moron and she tells me to F off. I get home and play the dashcam and it... show more

Best answer: everyone saying that it is NOT disgusting has no idea what money is covered with,,, you can get e.coli from it dude.(among a lot of other bad/gross stuff)

Best answer: They’ll correct you and clarify what you’ve requested before they process your order.

Who is jeff bezos?

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Best answer: Cause working at fast food sucks.

You don't know if they even sanitize or wash their equipment or even use clean ingredients.

I went to dominos yesterday and got a large pepperoni pizza and it was 14 dollars and it didn’t even look like a large. Usually I feel like they’re bigger and when I used to go it was only about 8 dollars. But that was only a few months ago when I went there last. I’m just confused.

What do you usually order at subway?

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I like my 12 in toasted chicken teriyaki with pepperjack, lettuce, onion, pickle, maybe jalapenos, ranch, and maybe buffalo sauce. wbu

I know this might sound stupid but whenever my friends ask me if we can go to McDonald’s I don’t want to be picky, but I’m an athlete, and I want to know which one is better for me, the chicken tenders, or the burger, since those are really the only two things I like from there