Fast Food's questions - German iziqna

How many people like Mcdonalds ?

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Best answer: I still have flashbacks to the day he invaded Texas, I dread to think what would have happened if Breitbart had not warned us in advance?

Pizza or Burgers?

10 answers · 19 hours ago
Best answer: I will have the Pizza, please.

I was 15 years old.

They was one question I couldnt answer at all even though she had explained it several times to me. Also on the email it says that I was going to have an OJE before the interview, but I never had one.

What kind oil does McDonald’s deep fry their burgers and fries, I heard it’s pig lard, is it right?

Whenever I order the Double Filet-O-Fish, I only get 1 fish patty. I think the cook is stealing and eating the other one!

A couple times I asked for a Carmel mocha McCafé and both times they told me their machine is down and recommended me to get a frappe or another cold drink, I’m just wondering if they are being lazy and don’t want to make Mcafe or not

What’s better dominos or Pizza hut?

81 answers · 2 weeks ago

KFC OR Popeye's?

28 answers · 1 week ago

McDonald’s of Wendy’s?

40 answers · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: Burger King has both the better price and the better flavor. Can't beat that 2 for 6 deal and the price on chicken nuggs is by far a better price. And the flavor! Mmmm...

Almost every Friday night, I order chicken wings w/French fries, along with a bag of crispy noodles, from the neighborhood Chinese takeout. The first time I went there, I distinctly remember being charged $5.70. But a week ago, she charged me $5.80. Then last Friday, $5.90. Please don’t take this the wrong way,... show more

What are subways cheeses?

12 answers · 2 weeks ago
Okay so maybe I’m stupid but I like CHEDDAR you know the ORANGE sliced stuff. Whenever I ask for cheddar at subway, they give me some sort of shredded Monterrey blend mix. I tried asking for AMERICAN which in my mind is also orange and makes my mind go straight to craft, but they give me white sliced cheese??? I’m... show more

Best answer: It's not the best, it's probably the most iconic, but that's only because it's McDonald's signature burger and McDonald's is the worlds biggest fast food burger chain.

Ive been eating badly all weekend?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
i had mcdonalds for dinner on friday (big mac, some nuggets and some fries n coke), and i had a sleepover yesterday and we had pizza for dinenr (2 slices of hawaiian and 1 slice of cheese i think and 2 garlic bread pieces) n we had snacks during the night (which included apple slinkies so) and we had mcdonalds... show more

Best answer: Oh yes definitely. Better meat, fresh - never frozen and never contains the fillers and strange stuff that McD's uses.