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What is your favorite animal?

48 answers · 14 hours ago

Why do people kill themselves?

68 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Most people who are suicidal are in so much mental or physical pain( sometimes both) that they literally cannot stand the thought of living another day. They are scared and anguished. They are not being selfish in fact most cannot believe that people wouldn't be better off without them. There are a few... show more

Best answer: I like the Kettle Cooked jalapeno chips. Second best would be any kind of BBQ style flavor.

Where are you right now?

71 answers · 2 days ago

What is your town famous for?

47 answers · 20 hours ago

Are you a great person to talk to?

32 answers · 16 hours ago

Lots of trolls online now xD?

54 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Well! You got me there, lol. They are either 13 year old bitter little boys who got special permission to use their daddy's computer, or a 48 year old bitter divorcees who are considering a trip to the pub.

Best answer: yes i have...it's Rick, Jess, Weedzz, ElliotTheCorgi,Lexie, 𝔐𝔞𝔱𝔱85, Average Joe, Serve the Servants and many more :)

What's worse?

Do you drink coffee?

48 answers · 2 days ago

Does England have a President?

44 answers · 2 days ago
Or does the Queen rule the country?

True or false: You eat on your bed?

114 answers · 4 days ago

Why are so many people depressed?

20 answers · 17 hours ago

SURVEY: Are you male or female?

30 answers · 21 hours ago
I want to see if this site is more popular with males or females. I, myself, am a female.

Best answer: Agree. I like a good supreme.