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Whats your favorite color?

59 answers · 20 hours ago

It's surprising how the activity of Yahoo Answers has fallen so low. I guess the level one members troll questions and the Chinese question trolling has greatly reduced the number of loyal members coming here daily. Five years ago the members here considered each other friends. Now though the millennials... show more

What are you about to eat?

37 answers · 4 hours ago

Is it warm or cold where you are?

24 answers · 3 hours ago
It's 79 degrees Fahrenheit here in New Orleans.

Whats your favorite season and why?

36 answers · 19 hours ago

What's your favorite thing to do?

19 answers · 18 hours ago
When you're bored?


What is your nickname?

25 answers · 9 hours ago

Do people still buy CDs and DVDs?

13 answers · 6 hours ago

If you don't like ice cream, you can go to hell.

Walmart or Target?

21 answers · 8 hours ago
Best answer: Wally World

Best answer: it means your morals and beliefs not lining up with your family's.