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Do you have black Jeans?

128 answers · 2 days ago

Are you humble?

101 answers · 2 days ago

Me: My favorite day is Friday!

Tell me a fun fact about you?

116 answers · 3 days ago

Best answer: Yes.I was in 5th Standard and it was my Final Exam, Since i am patient my mom had given me BP Tablets.I went to school created a big ruckas since my eyes started blurring out as my BP was Low.Almost 100 students watched me shout and falling down on floor.I felt so embarrased ..This happened before 13 years.Even now... show more

Have you ever been inside a jungle?

37 answers · 23 hours ago

Can money buy happiness?

159 answers · 3 days ago

Best answer: You'd be ridiculously fat and people would mock you for it.

Best answer: that's easy. watch cartoons.

What do u wear to bed?

39 answers · 1 day ago

Are you made in America?

25 answers · 7 hours ago


Is it safe to eat frozen waffles?

18 answers · 13 hours ago
They have already been cooked right..otherwise they wouldnt be shaped lie waffles