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Poll: What's your Dream Car?

75 answers · 1 day ago

Poll: do you take shower or bath? Why?

36 answers · 24 hours ago

Do you live in a apartment or house?

32 answers · 23 hours ago

Who/what makes you sleep faster?

17 answers · 5 hours ago

What time is it where you are located?

21 answers · 14 hours ago
It’s currently 2:49 AM here.

What makes one an American?

17 answers · 8 hours ago

I know I wouldn't

Which is your favorite song?

19 answers · 16 hours ago

If someone is just asking a question there is no reason to be rude, mean or aggressive.

Best answer: Saying hun sounds really stupid in my opinion.

Are you a gun toting squar dancer?

29 answers · 2 days ago

What scares you the most?

40 answers · 3 days ago
Random bored question. What scares you the most, be it real or imagined.