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Best answer: They have the same meaning but in a different degree. From 1 to 3 (3 bein the worst) Bad is like the 1st degree while Evil is the 3rd degree

Best answer: Bad and evil are synonymous so they're both the opposite of good.

Is a foghorn really loud?

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Best answer: Up close they're VERY loud. The idea is to be able to hear them for miles.

Was the GRE exam difficult?

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I really don't want to take this since i heard it's hard but i can't find schools that accept the MAT

My niece took an official test claiming she has an iq of 84, and that it was below average. She is also in a special education program. Does this change as an adult? Also please dont give me a political correct answer like ''it doesn't matter'' or any of that.

What should I do about my mind?

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Best answer: Given some of the scores I'm aware of, you're not in bad shape. Look, some people just don't test very well. When I was in high school, a friend and I both applied to Yale. She had some of the worst SAT scores I've ever seen -- far, far lower than mine. However, she was a top student with very... show more

Best answer: It is very bad, because it is offensive to want another person to experience a painful death.

Hey i have a serious question?

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So today i took my final exam it is the 4th exam of the class and i feel like i failed it. i passed the first three exams barely. I completed all other requirements of the class. Did i pass the class or fail?

So Sophmore year and I decided to take my first AP class which happens to be World History. Any tips on how to suceed?

Was taking a 5 question exam today. I thought we had an hour but the teacher failed to mention we only have 10 minutes, so I spent more Time on the first two questions then I should ve and I only answered 2 out of 5.

Is an "A-level" an exam?

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Best answer: No. An "A-Level" (short for "General Certificate of Education: Advanced Level") is a qualification. Obtaining an A-Level will usually require passing several exams, and possibly fulfilling other criteria such as coursework or practical assessments. Obtaining an A-Level will usually result in... show more